Don’t Let Failure In Exam, Fail You In Life!

We’ve all been through this at some point of time in our lives. Many of us think that it’s the end for us and of our careers and stop thinking beyond this. Some goes into depression, some find it difficult to cope with it, some stop trying or some just start feeling negative about everything. But there also some people who still gathers courage, take hold of themselves and decides to start a fresh with a positive outlook. They accept what has happened and what mistakes they have made in the past while preparing for the exam. They do so, because they do not wish to repeat them all over again. This is what we all should do or imbibe in us. We need to find a way out to not only cope up with this exam failure but also start thinking – WHAT NEXT?

There are many ways in which we can restart this. All we have to do is to just accept and realize how badly we want this to succeed, how badly we want to recover from this and prove ourselves that “No, this is not the end of my career”. Here are few tips which may help you to cope with exam failure and look forward to a brighter and positive start.

  • Get Hold Of Your Feelings

I understand how miserable you feel when you realize that all your batchmates and friends have cleared the exam and you haven’t. You start feeling that you are less capable than them and you underestimate yourself. Do not let these feelings overpower you, in fact you take hold of them and try converting them into your strength. Make these feelings your strength to overcome the obstacles and challenges that you may face next. If you ignore this and try to run away from the truth, it may become bitter and would hurt you often and may make you angry, pessimistic or sad. So just go with the flow and readily welcome whatever comes your way.

  • Think Progressive

Just because you’ve failed in an exam, doesn’t label you as a failure or a loser. This is not the end of your life or this world. It’s just a part of the challenges that each one of us has to face in our lives and which do not decide our fate or define our credibility. You need to focus on the good & positive things around you. Think about the prospects that may give you another opportunity to face the exam and this time, achieve laurels. Do not ever let this thought make space in your mind that because you’ve failed today, you’ll fail again.

  • Once a loser, always a winner

Remember that every successful person has failed at least once. You may never realize what it feels to be successful unless you’ve felt the pain to fail. You will respect that win only if you know what it took to achieve that success. You will know how much effort you had to put in after failing just to get that success in your life. There are lot of people who failed or were rejected earlier, but they toiled hard and kept that flame in them alive to reach where they always wanted to. They didn’t let their failure pull them back or demotivate them, they learned from their mistakes and made everything work in their favour. Today, these are the people who everyone looks up to with utmost respect and take them as their inspiration.

  • Plan & Bring It Into Action

Start planning for the next step. Analize the mistakes and the loop holes that were there while preparing for the previous exam. This time make sure you do not repeat them and properly plan as to how to prepare for the coming exam that you will appear for. Once you plan all this, it will not only help you to rectify the mistakes you made but also work in a systematic manner. But, planning is not the only thing, the main part starts with its execution. You need to understand that a proper workout of the plan will make your task easy. Practice and learn those subjects or topics that really bothers you and send a chill to your nerves. Prepare them thoroughly and then believe me, nothing can stop you.

  • Maintain Your Self – Confidence

After keeping aside all your fears, stress and negativity, what you really need to think bout is to how to keep up your spirits and self confidence high. Until and unless you do not believe in yourself, nothing will work. You have to keep on trying to not let anything bring down your morale and make you feel dejected or pull you back from where you started off, with a belief to bring a change and make things possible for yourself. Even if at any moment you fall weak, just remember where you have to reach and what you have to achieve. For the time being, that is the only priority you have and yes, STAY FOCUSSED!!