Things You Can Do To Improve Your English For Competitive Exams

English has always been challenging while preparing for competitive exams such as SSC, IBPS, UPSC, CAT, CMAT, SBI and many more. It becomes tougher for those who were not privileged to go to English medium schools and did their schooling from a Hindi medium school or any other state board. No matter how strong they are academically, they lag behind just because of the English language. It is very important for one to know the basics and also to acquire the grammatical rules which need to be sharpened steadily to get a good hold of the language. Students who are preparing for the competitive exams, needs to know the pointers and easy ways to learn and polish their English skills to achieve laurels in their exams. It is very evident that fluency in English is much needed when you appear for your interviews too after exams. To score good in your exam one needs to plan the way they want to and how do they want to take their preparation ahead. Here are the ways that will help you to enhance your English and prepare for your exams!

  1. Start With The Basics – Parts Of Speech

When you start learning a language, not only English, but any other; you need to know its basics. These are the classification of words, being used in the language. Likewise, English has Parts of speech, which classifies the words into nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs etc which helps you construct a statement and understand its meaning. For example if you are forming a sentence, you need to know how to bring together the words which may bring out a logical statement. By learning it, you will get an idea as to many types of words are there which are used for the formation of a correct sentence.

  1. Carry A Pocket Dictionary & Improve Your Vocabulary

Once you are done with learning and understanding the parts of speech, you can explore the different words in English which will help you to enhance your vocabulary and help you to communicate well in English. It’s always better to carry a pocket dictionary with you so that whenever you find a difficulty in understanding a particular word or you just want to learn more words to improve the knowledge, you may anytime use it. This will also give you confidence and ignite a willingness to explore more and more about the language.

  1. Read English Novels & Books

The more you read, the more you’ll get a grip over the language. Once you are over and done with the grammar part, start reading English novels & books. First start with the Indian writers and then you can go for international authors. Keep a track of words that you find difficult to understand, mark them and use your dictionary there to know its meaning. You can also keep note of the words that you find new and powerful and which you can use later in your communication, just to improve your vocabulary. Reading aloud will also make your pronunciation strong.

  1. Read English News Papers & Magazines

You can start reading newspapers & magazines which are freely available at home. It is a great way of practicing English according to your convenience. As a beginner, you may start with Times Of India, Telegraph etc which uses very simple English which is easily readable and can be understood well. Then you can opt for The Hindu or The Indian Express which uses very profound English. Reading newspaper will also be beneficial for you to improve your GK and keep you updated with the current affairs!

  1. Watch English Movies

You can improve your English also by watching English movies or television series. In India, you get to see the subtitles whilst watching foreign movies which helps you to understand what the actors are saying as the accent differs which may be little difficult for Indian audience to understand. You may play a DVD or watch it on your laptop in which you have the access to pause or rewind that may help you to understand slowly and with your own pace.

  1. Communication

Surround yourself with people who can communicate with you in English. Practical experiences can teach you the most. You’ve learnt and seen a lot but unless you bring it into practice, it would be of no use. It’s completely fine if you make mistakes while speaking in English, but at least you’ll have an idea as to where you stand and where you face challenges the most. It will give you self confidence and will surely take away your fears to communicate with people in public.

These easy tips are the best ways to help you improve your hold over the language and will definitely take away your exam fears and pave ways for you to prepare for your upcoming competitive exams. This will not only be helpful in your exams but will enhance your English that will always be needed in future.